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The difficulty of trying to deal with both the legal and emotional aspects of divorce when you are in the middle of it can be overwhelming. You need the support of someone who can provide sound legal counsel in a caring environment. By providing a listening ear and offering advice specific to your needs, we are able to provide successful representation in your family law concerns.


You may have never imagined that you would someday get a divorce, but sometimes the decision becomes necessary, or is even made for you. Let our lawyers assist you with matters pertaining to your divorce: valuation of the marital estate, orders for protection (including restraining orders) or asset division. We keep in close contact with you so that we may answer your questions and offer the counsel you need.


We know that child custody is often the most difficult aspect of any divorce. You want what is best for your kids, but when tensions are high and emotions raw, it can be difficult to act in the best interest of your children. We can help you with determination of child custody or child custody modification.


When your spouse has divorced you and you are alone raising your children, you want to be sure that your spouse honors support laws regarding spousal and child support. Perhaps your re-marriage has prompted a modification of spousal support – we can offer you clear, solid advice on how best to act.

Family Violence/Protective Order

If you have a pending divorce, you are eligible for a protective order, a serious matter with repercussions that may affect the rest of your life along with your family’s. Possibilities such as custody battles, spousal support, decreased property and supervised visitations could become realities, if the accusation is not dealt with immediately. Our office can evaluate a wrongful accusation and quickly work toward a just outcome to keep you and your family together.

Enforcement of Orders

If orders in your divorce are not being followed (ie. visitation, support, marital estate), you have the option to move for enforcement of those orders. Elsey & Elsey can review any case judgements to determine the next steps in getting those orders obeyed and we will stick by your side until the process is complete.

Grandparent’s Rights

Some divorce cases require a custody battle between the parents and grandparents. Our attorneys can help keep the grandchildren under the care of their grandparents if there is substance abuse or lack of childcare in the parent’s household. Visitation rights are also a possibility, but it is a good idea to contact our lawyers before taking those steps, so you can achieve the best possible outcome.

Post Decree Modification

Decrees issued during a divorce regarding a child are never permanent. As circumstances change, different arrangements can be made. Elsey & Elsey assists in child support modification and modification of possession by identifying your needs and taking care of the necessary legal steps required during the process. Let us help you stay up to date on all orders from your divorce.

Modification of Possession

Visitation rights from a possession order may need to be modified based on a location, relationship, health or schedule change, and the modification process varies with the complexity of the divorce. Let us guide you through the correct procedures and correctly determine your needs.

Child Support Modification

While a support order may be in effect, financial situations change and modification may be needed. It is imperative that modification is motioned as soon as your financial situation is altered. Our office is here to help you determine changes in your needs as well as next steps in seeking modification and we will stay with you as the Texas family courts are determining the best financial fit for your child.

Pre/Post Marital Agreements

Pre- and post-marital agreements are key to avoiding divorce battles, if your marriage were to end. These agreements, initiated before and after entering into marriage, help protect your current and future assets along with interest. Allow our office to alleviate the stress of planning for such events by drafting pre- or post-marital agreements with us, leaving our attorneys to take care of conflict resolution and technicalities.

Spousal Maintenance

Court-ordered alimony, or spousal maintenance, is sometimes needed to financially proceed with a divorce. Many factors are considered from the court while determining the need for spousal maintenance: marriage duration, education, employment, age, etc. If you believe you need financial support from your spouse during this time, let us helping you straighten out all of the details needed to obtain spousal maintenance.

Common Law Marriage

Unlike most states, Texas recognizes common law marriage as legally equal to a ceremonial marriage after a man and wife have cohabited for a period of time. Common law marriage does not require a license or ceremony, given that you both identify as married and others identify you as such, as well. It is important to know the legalities in common law marriage, and our office can help you understand your rights.