Estate Planning & Probate

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At Elsey & Elsey, we are adept at drafting estate-planning documents to assist our clients in distribution and protection of assets and can provide a wide range of wills to satisfy the needs of large or small estates. You work your whole life to accumulate assets and those assets should pass to the persons of your choice. Without a properly drafted will, your property may be affected in an unexpected way. The Texas Laws that govern property resolution when someone dies without a will can be extremely complicated. We can better explain what will happen to your property if you do not have a will.

We are highly skilled at drafting complex wills dealing with complicated tax issues such as; estate tax, generation skipping tax, gift tax, and others. The majority of items that can be accomplished in a trust arrangement can also be accomplished with a well-drafted will.

Trusts are instruments used to protect assets and pass on wealth to future generations. At Elsey & Elsey we are constantly drafting these instruments to assist our clients. If you think you are a candidate for a trust, let us help you decide.